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Location and Tips

Praia da Lagoinha

The wonderful Praia da Lagoinha is located in the Condomínio Salga. With clear and calm waters, it is an excellent option for families with children and those who want tranquility. With an extension of approximately 03 kilometers, this piece of paradise has the Kebra’s Mar Kiosk, beach items stalls, pastels and the fabulous start to the famous Sete Praias Trail. Worth knowing!

Praia da Sununga

The practice of Skimborg has attracted many visitors to this beach that is inserted between the beaches of Lázaro and Domingos Dias, annually it has hosted a battery of the championship of this sport. The beach also contains a cave, very popular with tourists for offering water sports events. Due to high tide, this beach is not suitable for swimming.

Praia Grande

Considered one of the busiest beaches in Ubatuba, Praia Grande is the most coveted and populous on the north coast. With its strong waves, the large beach has a team of firefighters throughout the year, being more than 02 kilometers long, it becomes very popular with tourists and visited by residents of the region. The edge of the beach is surrounded by a wide structure of kiosks and various types of merchants. At night, it is possible to take advantage of bicycle rentals, rides with trains, mini craft fair among other options for all tourism profiles.

Praia Domingas Dias

Due to its calm waters, the beach on Sundays is ideal for water activities such as SUP or Kayaking. The crystal clear waters are breathtaking and because there are no kiosks, it is the perfect destination to relax.

Ubatuba Aquarium

The first private aquarium open to public visitation in the country is just a few meters from you! The Ubatuba Aquarium offers several activities for families, including the “touch tank” concept where visitors, through contact with animals, can learn concepts of biology and preservation of the environment.

Rua Guarani

One of the main shopping centers in the city and a perfect option for night walks. It offers variety of shops and restaurants for you. Come and discover our gastronomy and typical shops in Ubatuba.

Trilha das sete praias

Leaving Praia da Lagoinha, the famous Trail of the Seven Beaches begins. It is an excellent option for adventurers and families who want to discover the beautiful beaches and exuberant nature along the way. Have you heard about the “28 Beaches Challenge?” This is where the brave athletes pass.

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